Tods Technology is unique in offering an integrated design and manufacturing service for composite assemblies and acoustic stealth solutions.

Design Analysis – Structures

Extensive in-house structural analysis capability, delivering robust design solutions.

Tods team of dedicated structural analysis engineers designs composite and metallic structures integrating acoustic materials, to meet demanding customer specifications.

Analysis is supported by detailed structural reports, underpinned by material and detailed testing to deliver qualified products.

Design Analysis
Design Analysis

Design Analysis – Acoustics and RF

Unique in-house acoustic analysis and test capability to meet individual customer specifications.

Tods team of dedicated analysis engineers provides optimised solutions to control acoustic wave propagation, transmission and reflection characteristics.

Typical acoustic operating conditions require either low transmission loss, impedance matched materials or noise damping where high signal to noise is required.

Spacial CAD Design

Comprehensive in-house engineering capability with a focus on design for manufacture to ensure a cost effective and robust design solution.

Starting with outline geometry and interface details, Tods team of dedicated engineers designs products to meet exacting customer specifications, providing CAD models, drawings and documentation based on a product life-cycle philosophy.

Materials Technology

Materials Technology

Selection of optimised material solutions to withstand demanding marine environments drawn from years of experience in diverse industry sectors.

Tods’ extensive experience in ‘design for manufacture’ ensures that appropriate material and manufacturing process choices are made. This provides cost effectiveness, product reliability and quality to meet design life requirements.

Materials are validated through robust structural, acoustic and environmental testing to underpin design analysis and provide vital qualification evidence.

Tooling and Fixture Design

Detailed design of tooling and fixtures, enabling the manufacture of high-quality product while also providing an efficient and safe transportation and installation process.

Design philosophy drawn from decades of experience in providing and installing technologically advanced products, while allowing for a smooth low risk installation process.

Tool and fixture design is underpinned by lifting certifications, detailed installation methods and documentation including customer technical support to assist with on-site installation processes.

Tooling and Fixture Design
Qualification Documentation

Qualification Documentation

Comprehensive qualification process through testing, analysis and documentation to meet individual requirements.

Qualification documentation evidence is managed via the project requirements compliance matrix, covering the design, analysis, safety, supportability, logistics and testing.

Tods can also provide on-site support for installation and system level testing.